Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday at home.

Pretty Bonnie

It's Monday and I am off today.  I have to catch up with house work, cleaning, doing laundry and cooking...  I am so behind.

Hugo was feeling sick yesterday night and he couldn't sleep well.  I'm keeping him home from school today.  He is feeling much better so we are going to do some reading, do maths homework and play the violin.

Bonnie loves to lay beside me when I am sitting in front of my computer.
When I am at home, Bonnie comes out to play with me.  She loves being stroked on her forehead.  She complains when I stop stroking her.
Now she is sleeping on my backpack.....

excuse me, you are sleeping on my backpack....
My to do list today

*do laundry
*clean the bathrooms and the kitchen
*do some reading with Hugo
*help Hugo with his maths homework
*play the violin with Hugo

Now get to work.

Happy Monday!

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