Monday, February 20, 2017

hot dogs at a frozen lake

On the second day at Suzuki camp in Rättvik, we enjoyed being outside in the very cold weather.  
Lake was frozen and some kids and adults skated on the ice.

I fetched some firewood.

Putte was the grill master!

Putte and I were in charge of hot dogs, and we grilled a lot of hot dogs!

Hugo was very tired after the two violin lessons in the morning, and he didn't want to skate.  He helped us with the hot dogs.  He opened so many hot dog packages.
When his friend came back from the skating, he left us and hot dogs.

Hugo and two friends were just picking up ice and having fun for a long time.   I didn't think that Hugo would play with ice or water at this age(he is 10!) , and I didn't pack extra clothes and shoes.  Hugo borrowed Putte's shoes in the afternoon.

Hot dogs tasted good and we all had a wonderful time at the frozen lake.  They had two violin lessons in the afternoon and they played beautiful music.

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