Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Homework board and some extra work.

God morning!
It's a beautiful Tuesday.

I worked from last Tuesday to yesterday(Monday) and I was very tired.  It's just hard to keep up with the housework when I work a lot.  I like my job but I love to spend time with my boy after school and on the weekends.  I'd love to have an organized house for my family.  Now my kitchen is a mess and a mountain of dirty laundry is waiting for me.

My favorite mug I bought in London.

I made coffee and I went out to breathe the fresh air.  Hoping that a breathe of the fresh air and coffee help me to stay focused.

Homework board

Every Friday Hugo's teacher assign homework on the school website.   I write his home work down on the post it notes, using different colors for the subjects.

I laminated a sheet of paper which says "homework" in Swedish and I thought that we could write direct on it with whiteboard markers and we could erase them.   But it did not come off easily.  So I began using post it notes.

Yellow is for English
Blue is for Social Science
Purple is for Swedish

I write on the corner of the notes the day when the homework is due.  This helps Hugo plan when he does his homework.  Some homework is hard and Hugo must work on it several times in a week.  On Tuesdays he has violin lessons and we come home about o'clock and he doesn't have time to do homework.
So he must plan his week and this system is working.

Extra work?

Hugo is 10 years old and he speaks Swedish, Japanese, and English.  He is really good at English.  When we were in London, he made himself understood in English without our help.

His English homework for this week is to memorize ten words.  Well, he knows these words already so I added some extra words for him to work on.

I don't want to give him too much, but homework should be a little challenging.  Not too much and not too difficult.  But if it is too easy, he'll lose interests?

Now I' m going back to my house work!  I'm going to tackle the mountain of the dirty laundry!

Happy Tuesday!

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